What is the book “Million Dollar Mission” about?

The year was 1995. I was at a Management Conference as a newly promoted Human Resource Manager from a global MNC. My fellow tertiary educated attendees at the Conference, all Professionals, Managers, & Executives (PMEs) dressed well, looked sharp and seemingly on the way up.
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Back to 2015.

Unfortunately, many of the PMEs deviated from the “On the way up” script. A good number are underemployed and/or unemployed today, the result of globalisation, disruptive technology & super connectivity. They were fighting tomorrow’s battle with yesterday’s mindset & tools. The result is painful, for them and their families.

Fast forward to 2035. If you assume everything’s fine, there is a high chance that history will repeat itself. Your youth could suffer the same fate as the displaced PMEs of 2015 come 2035.

That is why I wrote this book, so that you can prepare your youth to play to their strengths to achieve greater success in the new WEB 3.0 world, using a 3-step process and exponential thinking!

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